Wednesday, 23 February 2011


Yesterday I sat next to none other than USHER!
I say stood next to, I was sitting down, and he was standing beside my table.
Stupid me left my phone upstairs in the office so couldn't snap a sly photo of him, however I did observe that he is very small in person!
Seemed like a really nice guy, signing bits and pieces for people (including my colleague who pounced on him with a concert ticket to sign)and posing for a few photographs with some of the staff and their youngsters who they had brought in just to meet him. Exciting lunchbreak to say the least!

Back in the office, and on a slightly less exciting note, I met Teddy Sheringham. Tres handsome! Not quite the same as meeting Usher, but ho hum.

Day off tomorrow, hurrah! My plan of action is: Lay-in, green tea, bagel, TV, dissertation (no fun) and hopefully a Zumba class! Has anyone given Zumba a go?! I hear it's such good fun!


  1. I am a self confessed Zumba addict. It's so much fun! I think a lot of it's down to the instructor as I've heard some are quite laid back compared to others. I go twice a week now and it's kind of become a bit of a social thing now too for me and my friends. Plus I feel I do three times the amount I would do in the gym! Enjoy it and let me know how you find it :)

  2. Great that you enjoy it so much! Is it a really good workout as well as being a lot of fun? I guess that would be dependent on the instructor too. What does the class actually involve?x

  3. Yeah I find it a really good workout but a lot of people have said that the instructor I go to pushes you much harder than others they've been to. But i've dropped a dress size since November so can't complain. Did you go? x

  4. Ah thats good that you've got an instructor like that. Didnt get a chance to go but booked in to a class tonight so will keep you posted!x