Saturday, 5 February 2011


Long time no blog! Been crazy busy as of late so I apologise for the lack of blogging activity. For some reason work has been relentless lately so I've barely spent any time at home, and the time I have spent at home has been spent sleeping!
As I am forever harping on about work, I thought I would take some sneaky pictures to show you where I spent the majority of my life...

This is my desk, which looks like a paper bomb has exploded all over it.
It has all of the necessities every office desk needs; pink pig stress ball, pink stapler, pink post it notes, and David Beckham. I do have a picture of my lover Fernando Torres up on the wall to the right but its out of shot. In all fairness my desk is usually far tidier than this!

This is a sneaky shot I took in the gallery, from up behind the graphics desks. This is where the television-making magic happens!

Last night I had not one but two celebrity sightings, my first in weeks. I spotted none other than the wonderful Dermot O'Leary, all suited up ready to go on-air. Bloody love Dermot!! Also spied Mike Skinner from The Streets, who later came in to the pub we were drinking at after work. Pretty good spots after a dry spell of no celeb sightings!

Purchased these beauties the other day...wondering if i can actually justify keeping them. May have to go without lunch for a month in order to fund them but arent they pretty?!