Sunday, 5 December 2010

Happy Sunday

Nothing like a session of Googling the men who have made me swoon in 2010. I give you my 2010 Celebrity Hot List:

Fernando goes without saying

Enrique..amazing. I'm seeing a pattern emerging of love for Spanish men..

Always amazes me that Charles Bartholomew aka Chuck Bass is from my neck of the woods. He should have stayed here, and possibly married me.

Hot voice. Hot face. Hot body. Marvin from JLS is just ridiculously hot.

If I had a pound for everytime I say 'I bloody love Dermot' during an episode of x factor id be a millionaire, easily. I bloody love Dermot.

They are about 6 years too young but oh so handsome! Good old One Direction.

Which celebrity men are gracing your 2010 Hot List?


  1. all mine seem to be getting on a bit! david beckham lately has been looking fiiiine! x

  2. Agreed Emma! Becks is definately Hot List worthy!x