Sunday, 24 October 2010

General Ramble/Train Ramble

Hola lovlies.

It is coming to the end of a much needed lovely relaxing weekend. I have just consumed an epic roast dinner (gracias, Mummy), endulged in some quality 'me' time (consisting of eyebrow plucking, toe-nail painting, and chapter one of 'Last Night at Chateau Marmont' by Lauren Weisberger). Yesterday was spent avec le boyfriend, his best friend Alan who had his first weekend off since joining the RAF almost a month ago, and Alan's girlfriend/one of my best friends Laura. We went to lunch at a restaurant called Bistro & played multiplayer Mario on the Nintendo Wii. Nothing like a bit of downtime with friends :)

All in all much needed after a hectic week of work, not to mention an ordeal on the old London Underground. I don't know if anyone read about it in the papers/heard it on the News, but the train I was on gave up on life in the underground and after many an hour being trapped underground we were finally rescued by a multitude of paramedics and underground staff. They shut the whole line, turned off the power, rescued the pregnant ladies/old folk/unwell people first, then carriage by carriage we were evacuated from our broken tube train and made to walk in darkness down the underground track. I was so frightened! Not something you expect to happen midweek on your way to work.

I have come to realise how this hectic lifestyle of long days/little rest, as much as I love my job, have taken their toll on me. I look and feel run down...can anyone recommend any solutions to lift me from this (for want of a better word) 'Meh' phase?!

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