Saturday, 31 March 2012


Wow, I really have been AWOL from the blogosphere for a really long time!
My usual excuses - laptop is useless, work has been busy, etc etc....really do love blogging but sometimes there just isnt the time!
I thought id sneak a post in to let those of you who still visit my little blog (hey there!) what I have been getting up to.
Workwise i've had some really exciting projects on that have enabled us to actually leave our London studio and venture out into the big wide world...or at least to other parts of London!
Recently I was floor manager at Twickenham for the huge England v Wales rugby game

(Our wonderful makeup artist Carla & I having some pre-match posey pictures in the stands)

(Team Blonde rocking the talkback headsets)
This was my first time using talkback and it was so wierd having the director talking in my ear and yet having the noise of an entire stadium of rugby fans also in your ear!

I also worked as a coordinator on the England v Holland match at Wembley. I love Wembley, so exciting being a part of it all! I even spied the England team arriving, but quickly got ushered out of the way and banished back to our truck!

Lastly, i have finally ventured to Sugarhut! For those of you who watch TOWIE you will know Sugarhut is Micky Norcross' club/restaurant - i highly recommend you visit, it's a lovely venue, very packed so get there early, but its a great night out! I felt like a proper tourist haha.

Hope you are all well - looking forward to catching up on all of my favourite blogs!!

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