Tuesday, 16 November 2010


Today I had a day off as I worked the weekend.
I went to the dentist, did a spot of shopping with Madre, and then channelled my inner 'The Only Way is Essex' and got myself a spray tan (which hasn't made me orange, so I am thrilled)
Came home & chilled in the comfiest/warmest PJs known to man (New Look - £12 in the sale);

Nil makeup today, with the exception of a slick of mascara, as you have to be makeup free for the spray tan. Wanted to give my skin a break from makeup as its been ever so oily as of late, very out of character for my normally dry skin. Now i've gone and clogged my pores with tanning product..ho hum.

In other slightly more exciting news, I was wandering out of work on my lunch break yesterday and saw a mass of excited girls crowded round a blacked out car. This is nothing out of the ordinary outside my office but as always I was curious to see what celeb it was...and to my absolute delight it was Dougie from Mcfly! Sadly by the time I'd squealed like an excited child and raced over (to the amusement of my colleagues) he was just slipping back into the car. So we carried on our lunch trip to Fratellis, when my friend Sam said "There's the rest of them" and lo and behold, Danny, Tom and Harry were wandering past the window. Far too much excitement before lunch I feel!

Hope you are all having a fab week so far.

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